A Waves Tale


A story is told within every wave

“The end” it says as it reaches the shore

Another tale has not been told

A lonely story has long been sold

A single cry within its depth

A hurting scream with every breath

I know the truth that lies within

Within the core of everything


Jingle Poetry
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  1. Your poems are beautiful and very thought provoking.

    • Thank you Linda, i truly appreciate your comment very tenderly said….your blog is painfully peaceful and gentle 🙂

  2. This is a very well written piece. It seems to kinda tell a tale of an injured Earth in a way. I love it!

    • Mr. Majestyk,

      I greatly appreciate your understanding of my poem 🙂 It holds several different meanings according to how each persons sees it. As for me it was all the stories of people who treaded on that same beach that i was on, who are still alive who have died, who sat on the same sand who watched the waves as they cried, laughed, loved, hated etc…and the waves are the only witnesses of that tale which ends with a wave reaching the shore moving a story from one shore to the next,moving onto the next story into a next life for another wave to bring to shore.

  3. Lovely! But as the waves roll into the shore to say their goodbyes, they bring such joy to the world!

    • That is very true, it is so interesting how the waves can always grasp a persons attention for long periods of time, never getting bored of them…it a Godly way each wave is a different in more ways than one.

      Thanks azfee 🙂

  4. I know you had your own meaning behind this… But this poem reminded me of living with bipolar affective disorder… the “waves” reminded me how emotion hits me, how I have no control over it as it breaks over me and causes my brain to scream in exctasy or pain… but always a scream, however ‘silent’ it may be. Thank you. it way a moving piece.

    • The most beautiful thing about reading your comment was knowing that it moved you, and was personal for you regardless of what my own meanings were. We all interpret things in life differently and with our own eyes, what you may see i may not have the same pleasure of seeing, so i am in gratitude to your comment and in pain cause of the pain you feel with your bipolar disorder. It has never been described to me the way you have just described it, i had no idea of the agony that came after the utter joy.
      I do hope things are getting better, you seem to be in love as i read your blog and that is a wonderful thing 🙂
      May all your wishes in life come true and happiness and serenity become your companions in life.

      • Oh, don’t feel poorly for me. I have an extremely mild form of the disorder, and I’m most often in a state of hypomania, which is actually a fairly pleasant way to live most of the time. I say I “live with” bipolar affective disorder rather than “suffer from” it, because I don’t REALLY suffer. Not most of the time. I do have periods of terrible depression, but I’m lucky enough to live with the knowledge that it WILL pass, and it WILL get better. *shrugs* I just see look at it like this: All of my emotions are closer to the surface than those of other people, and I feel them very intensly and have a harder time controlling them… It makes me who I am. It gives me the ability to write, the ability to act, and the ability to see the world from a different angle than others. I think without the disorder, I wouldn’t be as good an artist.

  5. beautiful, dear.
    your poetry rocks.
    love the imagery.

    • Jingle it is a pleasure getting a compliment from you….
      In loving appreciation

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