Tender Heart of Stone


I have been blocked Internally

I am unable to love normally

I am trying to heal

but its taking its tole

My tender heart has turned to stone

I am trying to love yet there is nothing to look for

The anguish…the pain…oh so much more

You must see what is happening to me

I wish i was free to love your way

But “Free” is not coming my way

I dont know what more I can  say

Logic seems to dictating my way

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  1. Nicely told.
    It seems that way in so many cases.
    The poem has a hardened tone.
    But that makes it all the more interesting

  2. take your time to heal.. the grieving process is a long and winding road. don’t rush into anything. your poem has beautifully expressed your pain.

  3. well done,
    Thanks for contributing…

  4. Sometimes it’s hard to love, when the love in the past you’ve felt has been betrayed … I loved the poem! Thanks for sharing!

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  6. Sad words. I loved the title.

  7. nice.. here’s mine for week 38.. http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/09/30/i-cant-hold-it/

  8. so true…..a heart that wana love but the pain of the previous heartbreak still lingers


  9. Keep writing and painting! It helps. Catharsis is good.

  10. inner exposure of your feelings which is so felt.. nice one!comment on mine too plz!

  11. great poem and picture! It’s hard to love again when your heart has been broken even just once… sadly true…

  12. Logic vs. Heart…definitely not an easy battle. Beautifully written.

  13. So Painful it is ..
    A very Nice Poetry..
    Here’s mine STUFF
    !! Happy Rally !!

  14. thanks for sharing. love is indeed a mystery.


  15. Tragedy, walls and a longing for something they are unable to obtain. Good emotion.

  16. During this time in my life, I can relate…due to the loss of a loved one. Another read I needed…thank you.

  17. Oh, curse you logic and your overwhelming thinky-ness! Great work here, I can see this is a nice, expressive and raw piece, it struck a chord with me for certain. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Keep expressing.
    You tell it well

  19. Yes. The pain of trying to regain your ability to love after being cut to the quick – I am living it now. Thanks for your words.

  20. like the voice of a suffocated lover.. lost in one way, yearning to love in another. a beautiful rendering!

  21. hope you well..

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    love your presence.

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  23. This poem has this message that is not commonly seen nowadays. I love this poem and it seems like I can feel the situation the poem speaker is into. Nice one 🙂

    Happy Rally 🙂

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