I must admit


I conquered a fear

At last I did

A fear of “The Fear”

I must admit

Unknown to me that I could be

Free of worries that have crowded me

I sat there praying for my safety

As the wind scraped my face and my body

While sitting on a machinery

That was said to be of no safety

In shocking view of my reality

I realized that Fear was just my imagery

It had no way of knowing my ability

And therefore I broke my dependency

Freedom replaced the Fear in me

The Motorbike Freed the whole of me

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The Growth of Trust


How could this be?

Feelings so strong I can hardly see

Questions I ask…things I say

Nothing resembles me

At peace I feel, so strongly at peace

You embrace my heart with all your warmth

Trust is what you have offered me

Freedom is what I feel

Free to feel your love and free to touch my soul

Trusting you is easy

You made it easy

Reality is the truth

Delusion is what I used to see

Behind the wall I lived

So hidden and so serine

In private I divulged in vain as others caused me pain

You helped me break free from the chains I carefully wrapped around me

I trust…… I respect…….I feel


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Life is a journey and the journey manifests itself within the words and rhythm of a song.

Like the waves crashing against the shore comforting it with its constant melody.

Music lets your soul move into a transic state,

Feel free, allow the force of the music to sour into your soul.

Penetrate your mind

Caress your body

Kiss your heart


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Meant to be


Above it all

I want to fly

oh so high

Above the sky

I want to see

What life would be

A choice i have of This or That

This I say

but That i follow

Confussion fills

the all of me

I simply cant see

what’s meant to be

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Where to begin?


Reality hits the inner core of my being

Where to begin, how to begin

A look into the future, the want of being the best

A constant push towards success

A feeding urge to find ones self

A house, a car, a job, a self

All concerns towards ones health

To occupy, To fulfill

In a world which offers no thrills

Before the end, you try to find

The peace within the heart of your mind

Neglect of change, the need to stay

Colors so bright, makes it hard to see the light

A simple path…..some say it is

The harder one, well…lets keep as is

When the time is right we say

That’s when well find the God within

An easy task they say it is

To no avail life takes its toll

The end it says to the soul


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(December 09th 2005 )

Eternal tear drops within every beat

Melodies        Rhythms         Emotions

A butterfly floats…………….soft breezes of wind

Sour, sour, sour

A pulse of a heart…….of a drum……..of a MELODY

Passionately it plays with my emotional self

A self absorbed within the beauty of the rhythm

I close my eyes……………Color

I lift my soul………….Euphoria

I DANCE………………………………Serenity

Playful, gentle…….Eternal


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I Wish I May

(2 November 2010)

As I sit in the abyss of my thoughts, I take another puff of my on going addiction, I dream of all the things I wish to have and the life I wish to live and I start to write my wish list…

I wish I may ,I wish I might, have this  wish with love and light………

To live in a house by the beach

Where the water curves itself against my feet

As it pulls back and forth from the shore

I feel it pull at my soul.

The sky is clear with the softest breeze

As It carries the scent of the salty air

Towards my senses I feel no despair.

I wish I may ,I wish I might, have this wish with love and light………

To bask in the sunlight that penetrates through my window

As I get ready for a brand new day

I Smell the freshness of the salty air

As it caresses itself against my hair

I walk outside to head to town

A cobbled street of coffee shops and markets

I stop in the street to take a look at the breathtaking view

Of the vibrant greens on the mountains containing the flow of the ocean

Oh what a view…….

I wish I may ,I wish I might, have this wish with love and light………

To watch passerby from the comforts of my home

As I stand outside on my small terrace

Waving hello to all those I know

Providing a smile to those I don’t know

I wish I may ,I wish I might, have this wish with love and light………

To take a walk towards a close by area as i sit on one of nature’s formed rocks,

My feet embedded neatly on the rocks I feel the energy emanating from its ever so powerful force

I hear the sound of the flow of the river

I smell the freshness of the green

A place of water and sand of flowers and rocks

I sit there to contemplate, to write, to paint and sometimes to get resolved.

I wish I may ,I wish I might, have this wish with love and light………

Every day I spend an hour or more

Sitting in a coffee shop on the streets I adore

Harmoniously  indulged in a conversation with my loved one

We watch the array of strangers passing by us

We discuss and contemplate the insights we encountered in our day

we count our blessings for such a beautiful day

I wish I may ,I wish I might, have this wish with love and light………

On certain nights where the city sleeps and nature takes a bow

I slow dance to a gentle melody engulfed in the scent of the one I love.

In utter silence we gently touch,

A tender kiss a soft caress

We take the steps to dance and laugh

We thank the Lord for the Love we have

I wish I may ,I wish I might, have this wish with love and light………

My soul is free to express itself

Within the confines of my body it tells

To allow my spirit to show itself

on the shores of nature I dance in a spell

With the power of passion taking over me

Without a care in the world to who can see me.

I wish I may ,I wish I might, have these wishes with love and light………With all my heart i wish tonight to have the wish that i find ever so bright

A Waves Tale


A story is told within every wave

“The end” it says as it reaches the shore

Another tale has not been told

A lonely story has long been sold

A single cry within its depth

A hurting scream with every breath

I know the truth that lies within

Within the core of everything


Jingle Poetry
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A fear


You caress my lips with yours and I shake

I struggle to control myself

to no avail

I form a wall and fill it with logic

A tender kiss or one so strong?

A sense of life has long been gone

Reality fades so swiftly away,

What have you done to the plans I laid

You swept me off my feet with your words

A touch

A kiss

A tender soul

I see through your eyes a soul so pure

Of love and devotion….. pure of course

Confessions of love spill from your lips

A cry of joy or tears of trust

I know not what to make of this

A lullaby has been sung to me

Yet deep within its hard to see for the fear I have

Has blinded me.

Jingle Poetry
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I Look


I look at you

You look at me

And all i see

Is what was meant to be will never be.

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